Dark Millennium

Volatile Investigations

Session 7 (101211)

08.01.816.M41 Location: Emperor Class Battleship “Belial”, Baraban System, Jericho Reach

Inquisitor Septimus quickly establishes his credentials and begins to start his investigations onboard the Belial, sweeping all opposition of the commanding officers aside.

Several days later, the investigation, with assistance from Lord Commissar Galan, begins to bear fruit. A cabal of xenos conspirators (including the Chief Chirurgeon, Master of Ordnance and Master of Arms) led by Commodore Vycorious is found at. Their last minute attempt to sabotage the prime plasma reactors of the Belial is thwarted by Throne Agent Hastus Apolion and the mental prowess of Lord Krin.

All remaining Tau sympathizers in the 5th Expeditionary Calixian Battlefleet (with the exception of the Commodore) of are quickly rounded up and summarily executed for their crimes. The Belial’s first officer, Commander Egrestia is given command of the Belial by the Inquisitor. After the completion of Throne Agent Nealls order to take a sampling of Tau and Kroot specimens from the planet of Baraban, the Inquisitorial task force breaks up.

Commodore Proculus on the “Flame of Triarii” choses to stay in the Jericho Reach for now, thanking Lord Krin and the Inquisitor for the opportunity to expand House Chordas reach into this unexplored corner of the Galaxy.

Captain Gorth onboard the “Gorgon’s Claw” takes his raiders deeper into the Reach, doubtlessly seeking out the more nefarious elements of this sector.

High Magos Alquastra on the “Omnius Sollex” stays with Inquistor Septimus and accompanies the Belial on its way to the Calixis Sector.

03.02.816.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 088-8ZG8-5R “Warp Gate System”, Jericho Reach

After leaving the warp, the “Exemplar” and accompanying ships are hailed by Lord Admiral Anastasia Arkelius, commanding a blockade armada of over 60 imperial vessels. They are here on order of Lord Miliant Tetrachus to prevent the transit of the “Belial” into the Calixis Sector. The Lord Admiral also presents a writ of authority, signed by Inquisitor Herzika Carmillus, Inquisitor Adrielle Quist, Inquisitor Vils Andarion and Inquistor Ezu Ghraile.

Septimus decides to wait and requests a meeting with the local Inquisition representatives.

03.02.816.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 088-8ZG8-5R “Warp Gate System”, Jericho Reach

Three weeks later, a sleek Deathwatch Strike Cruiser, designated “Thunder’s Word” arrives in-system. Inquisitor Carmillus along with two colleagues and a delegation of Deathwatch Marines is welcomed aboard the “Exemplar”.

An accord is struck and the “Belial” is given over to the custody of the Jericho Reach Inquisition. Inquisitor Septimus and his team receive formal thanks for their assistance in preventing the desertion of the 5th Calixian Expeditionary Battlefleet and averting a potentially fatal blow to the crusade efforts.



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