Dark Millennium

Volatile Investigations

Session 7 (101211)

08.01.816.M41 Location: Emperor Class Battleship “Belial”, Baraban System, Jericho Reach

Inquisitor Septimus quickly establishes his credentials and begins to start his investigations onboard the Belial, sweeping all opposition of the commanding officers aside.

Several days later, the investigation, with assistance from Lord Commissar Galan, begins to bear fruit. A cabal of xenos conspirators (including the Chief Chirurgeon, Master of Ordnance and Master of Arms) led by Commodore Vycorious is found at. Their last minute attempt to sabotage the prime plasma reactors of the Belial is thwarted by Throne Agent Hastus Apolion and the mental prowess of Lord Krin.

All remaining Tau sympathizers in the 5th Expeditionary Calixian Battlefleet (with the exception of the Commodore) of are quickly rounded up and summarily executed for their crimes. The Belial’s first officer, Commander Egrestia is given command of the Belial by the Inquisitor. After the completion of Throne Agent Nealls order to take a sampling of Tau and Kroot specimens from the planet of Baraban, the Inquisitorial task force breaks up.

Commodore Proculus on the “Flame of Triarii” choses to stay in the Jericho Reach for now, thanking Lord Krin and the Inquisitor for the opportunity to expand House Chordas reach into this unexplored corner of the Galaxy.

Captain Gorth onboard the “Gorgon’s Claw” takes his raiders deeper into the Reach, doubtlessly seeking out the more nefarious elements of this sector.

High Magos Alquastra on the “Omnius Sollex” stays with Inquistor Septimus and accompanies the Belial on its way to the Calixis Sector.

03.02.816.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 088-8ZG8-5R “Warp Gate System”, Jericho Reach

After leaving the warp, the “Exemplar” and accompanying ships are hailed by Lord Admiral Anastasia Arkelius, commanding a blockade armada of over 60 imperial vessels. They are here on order of Lord Miliant Tetrachus to prevent the transit of the “Belial” into the Calixis Sector. The Lord Admiral also presents a writ of authority, signed by Inquisitor Herzika Carmillus, Inquisitor Adrielle Quist, Inquisitor Vils Andarion and Inquistor Ezu Ghraile.

Septimus decides to wait and requests a meeting with the local Inquisition representatives.

03.02.816.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 088-8ZG8-5R “Warp Gate System”, Jericho Reach

Three weeks later, a sleek Deathwatch Strike Cruiser, designated “Thunder’s Word” arrives in-system. Inquisitor Carmillus along with two colleagues and a delegation of Deathwatch Marines is welcomed aboard the “Exemplar”.

An accord is struck and the “Belial” is given over to the custody of the Jericho Reach Inquisition. Inquisitor Septimus and his team receive formal thanks for their assistance in preventing the desertion of the 5th Calixian Expeditionary Battlefleet and averting a potentially fatal blow to the crusade efforts.

New Grounds

Session 6 (071211)

15.12.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 028-3B8-4D, Calixis Sector

After concluding their preparations, the Inquisitorial Taskforce (comprising more than fifteen vessels) under the command of Inquisitor Septimus, translates through the Xenos Warp Gate.

They quickly establish contact with Imperial Navy forces on the other side of the gate and, after some deliberations, decide to head for the central fortress world in the

Jericho Reach – Karlack. After emerging in the heavily fortified system, meetings with Lord General Castus Iacton and Lord Militant Tetrachus himself are arranged.

19.12.815.M41 Location: Fortress World Karlack, Jericho Reach

Inquisitor Septimus informs the Lord Militant of his plans and agrees to take Lord Commissar Galan with him, as his direct liason to Tetrachus. A nice conversation was had by all.

24.12.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar” – in Transit, Jericho Reach

Signs of war are encountered on their way to Baraban, the current known location of Commodore Thalion Vycorious in the Canis Saliant. After a brief encounter with Rogue Trader Gravis Terrozant in which Septimus declines his services as a guide, the Taskforce arrives at the Baraban System.


Session 5 (251111)

19.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Outer System of Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Inquisitor Septimus and his team review their findings from the Alien Oracle, quickly identifying Cardinal Cal Sutai Arran as a high priority target for an investigation. Cell Vermillion is retasked from Malfi to inquire. Further information recveived via Astropathic signal from the Tricorn reveals the location of Commodore Thalion Vycorious in the Jericho Reach.

After several high level overrides, the Inquisitor becomes aware of the existance of the xenos Warp Portal in Zone 15 and the subsequent, hidden redeployment of the Margin Crusade to the other side of the galaxy.

Commodore Vycorious currently leads the 5th Calixian Expeditionary Battlefleet and commands over 50 vessels, with over a dozen ships of line among them to prosecute the war against the alien and heretic.

Concluding that the Commodore has to be dealt with immediatly, the Exemplar sets course for the remote System Designate 028-3B8-4D. Suspecting that substantial support will be necessary to conduct this investigation Inquisitor Septimus, Lord Krin, Pamelia and Magos Neall call in favors to assemble an inquisitorial taskforce.

27.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Outer System 33-55-Zeta, 8AFG:218, Calixis Sector

After receiving a mysterious message from Inquisitor Vownus Kaede that asks Septimus to watch over two of his most trusted acolytes, a short pickup is arranged. His former mentor has gone on Special Condition to conduct an investigation that leads to the highest echelons of power.

14.12.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 028-3B8-4D, Calixis Sector

The Exemplar leaves the warp and finds itself in the heavily fortified System designated 028-3B8-4D. Greatings are exchanged with Captain Jaghatai Haxtis of Fleetbase Metis. A holding pattern is established as Inquisitor Septimus awaits the arrival of his forces.

“Tyrant” the personal transport of Lord Krin, a fast Orion Class Starclipper is the first ship to arrive, already waiting near Fleetbase Metis.

Among the first to arrive is High Magos Alquastra on the Typhoon Class Hunter-Destroyer “Omnius Sollex”, alongside with four Nova Class frigates. Two Galaxy Class Troop Transports carrying the 11th Synford skitarri heavy infantry regiment and 3rd Omnicron Mechanised Infantry regiment follow soon after. High Magos Alquastra is warmely welcomed, sending greetings from Fabricator Gearhart on Omnicron 71-DX.

The next contingent to arrive is Captain Gorth on the “Gorgon’s Claw”, a Havoc Class Heavy Raider with two more ships in tow. He followed Pamelia’s call and is eager to fight with his friend again.

Lord Krin’s call is the last to be answered. Five ships, led by Commodore Proculus, exit the translation point, He leads from the “Flame of Triarii”, a modified Tempest Class Frigate. Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda and long-time ally of House Krin has responded to his call in force.

Fleet Composition:

“Exemplar” – Secutor Class Light Cruiser
“Tyrant” – Orion Class Starclipper

Adeptus Mechanicus (7):

“Omnius Sollex” – Typhoon Class Hunter-Destroyer
“Cyclone” – Nova Class frigate
“Scorpus” – Nova Class frigate
“Apollyon” – Nova Class frigate
“Delictum Cinis” – Nova Class frigate
“Braccius” – Galaxy Class Transport
“Ascendant” – Galaxy Class Transport

Raiders (3):

“Gorgon’s Claw” – Havoc Class Heavy Raider
“Carrion Call” – Wolfpack Raider
“Terminal Error” – Wolfpack Raider

Rogue Trader (5):

“Flame of Triarii” – Tempest Class Frigate
“Kontos” – Claymore Class Corvette
“Praelor” – Claymore Class Corvette
“Vectoris” – Transport
“Dacian” – Transport


Session 4 (121111)

18.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In transit to Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Inquisitor Septimus decision to give the investigation into the rumored Temple Tendency heresy high priority leads to the pursuit of several avenues of investigation.

Team Amaranth is tasked by Magos Leall to question the Tech-Oracle on Ambulon. After being redirected from the now concluded investigations on Iocanthos, Team Euchromes is to delve into the forbidden vaults of the Black Priests on Maccabeus Quintus.

Meanwhile the Exemplar plots a course to Seedworld AFG:218, a world under inquisitorial quarantine, to question a xenos prophet on the greatest heretics of this time.

21.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Septimus and his team descend to to the surface, surviving the automated psychic defenses the xenos have placed here long ago. During the journey across the lush, but eerily lifeless surface, they come under the increasingly powerful psychic influence of the Fractured Palace. With Lord Krins assistance they press into the ruins, bypassing and destroying several guardian constructs in the process.

After the reaching the prime node, Lord Krin directly joins with the ancient consciousness located in the crystal arfitact, his powerful mind barely able to contain the knowledge flooding his mind.

Dazed but alive, they leave the ruins with haste, all the while being constantly harrowed by an ever increasing stream of constructs.

22.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Lord Krin enters an Auto-Seance lead by Choir-Master Telepathica Aeysha Marlith. A likeness of the revealed heretics is psychometrically taken from his mind.

Cardinal Cal Sutai Arran also known as Arch-Alturan of Alactra, High Chancellor of the
Periphery Church and the Venerable Cal. Residing on Alactra in the Malfi Sub-Sector, he is one of the three most influential members of the Ecclesiarchy in the Sector.

Commodore Thalion Vycorious leader of the Calixian 5th Expeditionary Battlefleet. She leads from her flagship, the Emperor Class Battle Ship Belial

“A rune of warning” “A partially eaten hand”

Eloeholth the Faceless One An old and powerful name that refuses to be uttered aloud. No records in the Inquisition archives can be found.

Orbital Assault

Session 3 (041111)

08.08.815.M41 Location: Abbey of the Dawn, Iocanthos, Calixis Sector

Inquistor Septimus and a handpicked force of Allies and Adeptus Mechanicus personal are welcomed at the Abbey of the Dawn. After a short ceremony, Canoness Goneril of the Order Famulous asks for help in discovering the cause for Sector Governor Hax’s unwillingness to accept Sisters of the Order into his staff. The Inquistor agrees and is also invited to hold the dawn prayer service.

After a rousing service, an emergency tranmission from the local inquisitorial Watchfortress disrupts the proceedings. After being informed of a massive warp breach, forces are mobilized. Inquistor Septimus orders an orbital bombardment on the location of the warp breach, destroying a Rakasya Daemon of prodigous size.

10.08.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In Orbit above Iocanthos, Calixis Sector

Investigations are started. To stabilize the planet, Warlord Skull is formally elevated to the Position of Planetary Governor and receives future aid in the form of weapons and technology from Inquisitor Septimus and House Krin.

His rival Seth, is deemed unsuitable for this responsibility and killed after a short interrogation.

Five acolyte teams are recalled from different operation theaters to support the investigation.

05.09.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In Orbit above Iocanthos, Calixis Sector

After a thorough psychic scan of Iocanthos’s major population centres by Lord Krin, several rogue psyker and wyrds are found and marked.

Increased psychic activity leads to the remaining Prophet of Seths followers. Several acolyte teams are despatched and investigate.

12.09.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Iocanthos System, Calixis Sector

An unauthorized shuttle start from the camp of the Followers of Seth is detected, meeting a previously hidden starship in orbit. Augers identify it as the Iconoclast Destroyer “Slaughter of Armengard” rushing to leave orbit. The “Exemplar” commences pursuit and intercepts the ship in the middle of the system, successfully destroying it during a emergency warp jump. One acolyte team is found dead on Iocanthos after the dust cleares.

14.09.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In Orbit above Iocanthos, Calixis Sector

Inquisitor Septimus orders an orbital bombardment on the remainder of Seths people, exterminating over 4 million souls. He informs his guest that his duties require him to conduct an intensive after-action investigation and that he will join him on Fenksworld at a later date. Inquisitor Srax-Rhame leaves the following day on the Exchequer-class merchantmen “Ephesos”.


Session 2 (151011)

06.18.815.M41 Location: Upper Spire of House Krin, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, Calixis Sector

After having secured the financial support of Terminus Krin, Vitellius Vess secured the services of five mercenary companies from House Corvus. He manages to capture his families Jericho Class Transport “Gloria” in Orbit around Scintilla while sustaining moderate wounds during the boarding action. Another meeting in the lower middle hive club “Pounder” follows and seals their alliance.

06.19.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In Orbit above Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, Calixis Sector

Inquisitor Srax-Rhames briefs the command crew of the Exemplar on the Logicican Threat. His most promising leads hint to the outer Hive World Fenksworld. This sugggestion is taken up by Inquistor Septimus and he arranges for the redeployment of the Mechanicus Galaxy Class troop transport “Brachium Sollex” (currently carrying the 11th Synford light infantry Skitarii regiment) to the outer reaches of the Fenksworld system.

06.24.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In transit through the Scintilla System, Calixis Sector

Sister Superior Sorenna informs Inquisitor Septimus that Palatine Rhianna from the Order of the Ebon Chalice would be delighted to meet him on Iocanthus – a quick detour is arranged. Terminus Krin supervises the surveilance of Inquisitor Srax-Rhame and his team onboard the Exemplar. One of the team members is a psyker.

07.08.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In Orbit above Port Suffering, Iocanthos, Calixis Sector

Palatine Rhianna is welcomed aboard the Exemplar


Session 1 (081011)

05.13.815.M41 Location: Orbital Station Antares “Kasballica Headquarter, Piety, Drusus Marches, Calixis Sector”

Seneschal Fulvius Cosano contacts Prius Severus with the information that one of his Pirate Captains with Name Morran plans to leave his service and ally himself with the Amaranthine Syndicate. Actions are taken. The Pirate Captain is brought before Severus and is, after a short interrogation, promptly executed.

06.15.815.M41 Location: Upper Spire of House Krin, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, Calixis Sector

Lord Krin receives a visitor from Zweihand’s World, a minor hive world in the Malfi Subsector. Lord Vitellius Vess, son of Governor Vess informs him that the Administratum has raised the Tribut level of the Planet to Exactus Extremis, a level which will leave the world a blasted ruin in the coming years. His Lord Father plans a rebellion and has sent him to gain the support of House Krin.

Vitellius Vess does not want to see his world suffer this fate, but thinks it can benefit more under his stable leadership. He asks Lord Terminus for help in deposing his father. This is declined for now but he does provides him with extra funds to help him remove the crew aboard the transport vessel “Gloria” in orbit around Scintilla.

06.16.815.M41 Location: The Tricorn, West Tower, Ordo Hereticus

After bringing their Prisoner “Seraph”, a former Acolyte of Radical Inquisitor Antonia Mesmeron, into the lower levels of the Tricorn, they relax and bring themselves up to date with recent events. The heretic “Seraph” has been taken captive by Inquisitor Septimus and his team on the war world Protasia, Drusus Marches, during an investigation into the cause of the recent uprising.

Routine messages await him. Another Inquisitor by the name of “Srax-Rhame” of the Ordo Hereticus asks for an audience, which is granted shortly.

Srax-Rhame asks Septimus for help with Logician cult in the Josian Reach. He thinks that the Logicians are on the move and plan something big. Septimuses connections with the Adeptus Mechanicus might prove essential. Inquisitor Septmius agrees to help and lead the investigation under his auspices.


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