Terminus Krin


Terminus Krin
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 40 35 45 35 55 45 62 55

Movement 1: 3/6/9/18
Movement 2: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 25
Corruption Points:5
Insanity Points: 20
Fate Points: 3
Skills: Chem-Use 10, Climb, Common Lore Mastery, Concealment, Deceive +20, Disguise, Dodge +20, Forbidden Lore Mastery (Psykers, the Warp), Invocation +20, Literacy +20, Logic +20, Medicae +10, Performer (Dancer), Pilot (Civilian +10), Psyniscience +20, Scholastic Lore Mastery, Secret Tongue (Acolyte, Throne Agent), Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (Eldar, Explorator Binary, Low Gothic +20, Ork, Trader’s Cant), Survival +10, Swim, Tech-Use +20, Tracking +10, Trade (Merchant +10, Valet +10)
: Invocation, Psyniscience, Interrogation, Intimidate, Forbidden Lore: Psyker, Warp

Paragon Talents: Basic Weapon Expertise, Melee Weapon Expertise, Pistol Weapon Expertise, Conditioned Intellect, Indomitable Fortitude, Mental Aegis, Soul of Stone
Talents: Air of Authority, Armour of Contempt, Chem Geld, Dark Soul, Die Hard, Discipline Focus (Telepathy, Telekinesis, Divination), Favoured by the warp, Fearless, Foresight, Hardy, Insanely Faithful, Iron Jaw, Jaded, Master Orator, Meditation, Mental Fortress, Power Wellx2, Strong Minded, Total Recall, True Grit, Unreadable Mind, Unshakable Faith, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison, Fear, Psychic)
Rogue Trader Talents: Improved Warp Sense, Exceptional Leader, Role: Lord-Captain

Traits: Scholastica Psykana Failsafes, A ghost in the warp, Money and Power, Unnatural Intelligence x 2
Armour 1: Hardened Body Glove (Arms 4, Body 4, Head 4, Legs 4)
Armour 2: Ignatus Power Armour (Arms 9, Body 9, Head 9, Legs 9)
Weapons 1: Force Sword (1d10+13 R; Pen 11; Force, Balanced, 10WS, Sanctified Weapon, Lathe Blade), Kineblades (WPBx5m; 1d58 R; Pen 2; Psyker adds WP bonus instead of Str bonus to damage inflicted with kineblades. , 10WS, Sanctified Weapon), Mark IV (70m; S/2/-; 1d103 E; Pen 0; Clip 15; Reload Full; Accurate, Reliable, Never Jams, Sanctified Weapon, Omni-scope)
Weapons 2: Power Longsword* (1d10+13 E; Pen 6; Power Field), , Malleus Psycannon (120m; S/-/5; 2d10+5 X; Pen 5; Clip 40; Reload 3 Full; Tearing, Reliable, Sanctified, pg 139 for full details, Never Jams, Sanctified Weapon, Omni-scope)

Gear: Cameleoline Cloak, White Void (5), Auto Quill, Combi-tool, Data-slate, Excruciator Kit, Multikey, Psy-Focus, Stummers, Cogitator Personal, Sky Eye (4), Melta Gel (3), Privacy Field, Ignatus Power Armour, Refractor Field (Mars), Armoured Bodyglove, Mark IV, Lathe Blade, Sanctified Weapon (5), Omni-scope (2), Kineblades (3), Power Longsword*, Force Sword, Bionic Left Arm (Good), Bionic Right Arm (Good), Bionic Locomotion (Good), Cortex Implants, Mind Impulse Unit, Calculus Logi Upgrade, Locator Matrix, Memorance Implant

Psy Rating: 6
Disciplines: Biomancy (5), Divination (10), Telekinesis (10), Telepathy (10; mastered: +1 success level)

Psychic Powers

Minor Powers:
DH: Call Item, Chameleon, Déjà Vu, Distort Vision, Fearful Aura, Float, Forget Me, Healer, Inspiring Aura, Knack, Lucky, Precognition, Resist Possession, Sense Presence, Spectral Hands, Weapon Jinx
DotDG: Endure Flame, Space Slip, Suggestion, Time Fade
RH: Cipher Seed, Distortion, Haywire, Trusting Aura, Truth-Seeker, Without a Trace

Biomancy: Cellular Control, Enhanced Senses, Regenerate
Divination: Dowsing, Glimpse, Precognitive Dodge, Precognitive Strike, Psychometry, Soul Sight
Telekinesis: Precision Telekinesis, Psychic Blade, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Shield
Telepathy: Beastmaster, Compel, Inspire, Mind Scan, Projection, See Me Not, Telepathy, Seed Mind, Soul Killer, Zone of Compulsion

Ascended Powers: Will Unleashed (My Will, Known; My Will, Obeyed; My Will, Manifest)


Terminus Krin

Terminus Krin is an influential member of House Krin. He is the grandson of Patriarch Valeris Krin and son of Tomika Krin.



Close Family
Cassandra Krin, Terminus’ wife, Scintilla
Severus Krin, Terminus’ and Cassandra’s son, Scintilla
Carmilla Krin, Terminus’ and Cassandra’s daughter, Scintilla
Majorlaine Krin (né Dubièr), Terminus’ valet and daughter-in-law, Scintilla

Caleb, First Officer of the Tyrant, Experienced Smuggler
Shaiya, High Factotum of the Tyrant, Terminus’ Personal Assassin
Volk, Master At Arms of the Tyrant, Legendary Penal Warrior and Veteran Crusader

Close Allies:
Aspyce Chorda, Chorda Dynasty, The Cauldron

Well Disposed Individuals and Organisations:
Vitellius Vess, Zweihand’s World
Cyrrik Scyal know as Master Sevensis, Logicians, Pry 41
Fulton Koba, Logicians, The Crimson Spiral, Malfi

Conflicting Interests:

Fafnir Belasco of House Belasco, Malfi
Calligos Winterscale, Winterscales Realm

Center of Operations:
Scintilla; Prime Spire of House Krin in Hive Sibellus

Business Interests of Note:
Cold Trade in Xenos Artifacts

Nobility 3, Merchants 3, Inquisition 2, Ecclesiarchy 2, Administratum 2, Rogue Traders 2, Logicians 1

Military Forces of Note:
3 companies of Cortax Mercenaries

Terminus Krin

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