Shaiya - Tyrant Crew

Wyrdling assassin and infiltrator


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 50 30 37 40 35 40 47 50

Movement: 4/8/12/24
Wounds: 17
Corruption Points:10
Insanity Points: 3
Fate Points: 2
Skills:Acrobatics 20, Awareness +20, Ciphers Mastery, Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Dodge +30, Literacy +20, Secret Tongue Mastery, Speak Language (High Gothic +20, Low Gothic +20, Trader’s Cant), Tech-Use, Tracking +20, Trade (Merchant, Valet), Wrangling
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las, SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Psychic Powers (4, 0, 0), Peer (Ecclesiarchy, Nobility, Cult (Death)), Catfall, Unremarkable, Sprint, Sure strike, Jaded, Rapid reload, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Hip Shooting, Leap up, Rapid reaction, Step aside, Disarm, Crippling Strike, Hard Target, Precise Blow, Fearless, The Reaping, Berserker, Blade Dancer, Peerless Marksman, Storm of Blows, Role: High Factotum
Traits: Etiquette, Wealthy, Preternatural Speed, Cult of Blood, Unnatural Strength x 2, Unnatural Agility x 2, Unnatural Intelligence x 2
Armour: Armoured Bodyglove (Arms 6, Body 6, Head 1, Legs 6)
Weapons: Forearm Powerblade (1d10
9 E; Pen 4; Power Field, Balanced, Defensive, 10WS, Sanctified Weapon), Forearm Powerblade (1d109 E; Pen 4; Power Field, Balanced, Defensive, 10WS, Sanctified Weapon), Exitus Pistol (30m; S/3/-; 2d104 I; Pen 9; Clip 5; Reload Full; Accurate, Never Jams, Sanctified Weapon, Vox Operated, Omni-scope, Motion Predictor), Exitus Rifle (200m; S/-/-; 2d10+4 I; Pen 9; Clip 10; Reload Full; Accurate, Never Jams, Sanctified Weapon, Vox Operated, Omni-scope)
“Gear: Cameleoline Cloak, Clip/Drop Harness, Explosive collar (3), Hunting Must (5), Aerial Pinions 6 line, Jump Pack, Spider Pads, Gil Filter, Consecrated Scrolls (3), Neural Scourge, Preysense Goggles, De-Tox (3), Injector, Medikit (3), Stimm (3), Night Dust (3), Panimmune (3), Counterseptic Drugs (3), Toxin Wands, Armoured Bodyglove, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Sanctified Weapon (4), Motion Predictor, Preysense Sight, Omni-scope (2), Vox Operated (2), Exitus Rounds (5), Exitus Hellfire Rounds (5), Forearm Powerblade (2), Bionic Left Arm (Good), Bionic Right Arm (Good), Bionic Respiratory System (Good), Cortex Implants, Mind Impulse Unit, Concealed Weapon Bionic (Good), Augmented Senses (4), Subskin Armor, Synthetic Muscle Grafts (Best),
Psy Rating: 2

Psychic Powers: Forget Me, Mutable Features, Sense Presence, Trusting Aura, Unnatural Aim, Without a Trace


Shaiya. A mystery to all but a select few, she acts as Terminus’ personal assassin and has proven one of the most important factors in his political and financial rise so far.

Born on a simple Hive Planet amongst the dregs of society, Shaiya was a young thief with little to her name but her clothes. She had a talent for disappearing and getting in the good graces of others that worked wonders for her everyday survival.

It was more lucky happenstance than anything else that she bumped into Terminus, undercover on an investigative mission for Inquisitor Kaeda. The (then) Acolyte was about to execute her for this affront, but to his surprise sensed that the young street urchin had a speck of psionic potential. A more thorough investigation revealed that the girl was a Wyrdling, gifted with some of the abilities that Psykers called their own, but didn’t have the potential to become a proper Psyker, even with training.

But still, she impressed the nobleman with her quick reasoning and reflexes — had he not held her back psionically she would have escaped him thrice, and then immediately changed tactics and attempted to bargain for her freedom. But rather than give her back to poverty, the Krin lord opened up a whole new world for her.

Shaiya spent years upon years in training — she learned how to behave at court, among soldiers, how to blend into any crowd. How to kill a man, and how to injure him so that he would not die. How to expand her few Wyldling gifts and make the best use of them, with the aid of Terminus himself.

Huge sums of money were spent on the girl’s education, and many favors traded — she received secret training by the Officio Assassinorum and by a captured Death Cult member, whom Terminus mentally coerced into sharing his techniques.

Now, she has become Terminus’ most prized (and well-paid) secret asset. Those who are even aware of her existence attribute her work to a dozen different (and entirely fictional) identities, spreading fear and a healthy amount of respect amongst both Terminus’ allies and enemies.

For all her great work, Shaiya has a tendency to get into trouble and is fond of mischief. Able to shift faces with only a small amount of effort she flits between identities often, so often that she requires the use of her cranial implant to keep all the details straight.

Shaiya constantly needs to keep herself busy. A social event here, a romantic fling there, an adventure with some a motley crew of unlikely heroes elsewhere.

She is quite fond of Terminus, and despite his rejection continues her attempts to seduce him, always taking a very attractive, idealized version of her original appearance around him.

Shaiya - Tyrant Crew

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