Majorlaine Krin

Terminus' valet and adopted niece. Wife to Severus.


Né Dubièr, Majorlaine is an extremely capable and charming valet and seneschal.

House Dubièr was a minor noble family who owed fealty to House Krin, but fell into disgrace due to the excessive spending and folly of their patriarch. All members of the House were either executed or sold into slavery but Majorlaine.

Terminus Krin knew of the woman’s abilities, however, and struck a bargain. She would once again wield power and prestige, but under a new banner: his own. To cement this deal he married her to his own son, Severus.

She continues to serve faithfully as Terminus’ personal assistant, though there is little love between her and her husband. They usually do their best to avoid each other (when they are even on the same planet) and have no children.

Majorlaine is a pleasant but businesslike woman; those envious of her position claim she has no private life and such talk is not too far from the truth. She enjoys the trust that is placed in her and the power she wields as the valet and sometimes adviser to one of the most powerful nobles on Scintilla.

She considers her marriage to Severus Krin as only another extension of her duty and harbors no feelings for him, a fact that continually galls her husband.

Majorlaine Krin

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