Dark Millennium


Session 4 (121111)

18.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, In transit to Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Inquisitor Septimus decision to give the investigation into the rumored Temple Tendency heresy high priority leads to the pursuit of several avenues of investigation.

Team Amaranth is tasked by Magos Leall to question the Tech-Oracle on Ambulon. After being redirected from the now concluded investigations on Iocanthos, Team Euchromes is to delve into the forbidden vaults of the Black Priests on Maccabeus Quintus.

Meanwhile the Exemplar plots a course to Seedworld AFG:218, a world under inquisitorial quarantine, to question a xenos prophet on the greatest heretics of this time.

21.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Septimus and his team descend to to the surface, surviving the automated psychic defenses the xenos have placed here long ago. During the journey across the lush, but eerily lifeless surface, they come under the increasingly powerful psychic influence of the Fractured Palace. With Lord Krins assistance they press into the ruins, bypassing and destroying several guardian constructs in the process.

After the reaching the prime node, Lord Krin directly joins with the ancient consciousness located in the crystal arfitact, his powerful mind barely able to contain the knowledge flooding his mind.

Dazed but alive, they leave the ruins with haste, all the while being constantly harrowed by an ever increasing stream of constructs.

22.11.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, Seedworld AFG:218, Calixis Sector

Lord Krin enters an Auto-Seance lead by Choir-Master Telepathica Aeysha Marlith. A likeness of the revealed heretics is psychometrically taken from his mind.

Cardinal Cal Sutai Arran also known as Arch-Alturan of Alactra, High Chancellor of the
Periphery Church and the Venerable Cal. Residing on Alactra in the Malfi Sub-Sector, he is one of the three most influential members of the Ecclesiarchy in the Sector.

Commodore Thalion Vycorious leader of the Calixian 5th Expeditionary Battlefleet. She leads from her flagship, the Emperor Class Battle Ship Belial

“A rune of warning” “A partially eaten hand”

Eloeholth the Faceless One An old and powerful name that refuses to be uttered aloud. No records in the Inquisition archives can be found.



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