Dark Millennium

New Grounds

Session 6 (071211)

15.12.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar”, System Designate 028-3B8-4D, Calixis Sector

After concluding their preparations, the Inquisitorial Taskforce (comprising more than fifteen vessels) under the command of Inquisitor Septimus, translates through the Xenos Warp Gate.

They quickly establish contact with Imperial Navy forces on the other side of the gate and, after some deliberations, decide to head for the central fortress world in the

Jericho Reach – Karlack. After emerging in the heavily fortified system, meetings with Lord General Castus Iacton and Lord Militant Tetrachus himself are arranged.

19.12.815.M41 Location: Fortress World Karlack, Jericho Reach

Inquisitor Septimus informs the Lord Militant of his plans and agrees to take Lord Commissar Galan with him, as his direct liason to Tetrachus. A nice conversation was had by all.

24.12.815.M41 Location: Secutor Class Light Cruiser “Exemplar” – in Transit, Jericho Reach

Signs of war are encountered on their way to Baraban, the current known location of Commodore Thalion Vycorious in the Canis Saliant. After a brief encounter with Rogue Trader Gravis Terrozant in which Septimus declines his services as a guide, the Taskforce arrives at the Baraban System.



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