Dark Millennium


Session 1 (081011)

05.13.815.M41 Location: Orbital Station Antares “Kasballica Headquarter, Piety, Drusus Marches, Calixis Sector”

Seneschal Fulvius Cosano contacts Prius Severus with the information that one of his Pirate Captains with Name Morran plans to leave his service and ally himself with the Amaranthine Syndicate. Actions are taken. The Pirate Captain is brought before Severus and is, after a short interrogation, promptly executed.

06.15.815.M41 Location: Upper Spire of House Krin, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, Calixis Sector

Lord Krin receives a visitor from Zweihand’s World, a minor hive world in the Malfi Subsector. Lord Vitellius Vess, son of Governor Vess informs him that the Administratum has raised the Tribut level of the Planet to Exactus Extremis, a level which will leave the world a blasted ruin in the coming years. His Lord Father plans a rebellion and has sent him to gain the support of House Krin.

Vitellius Vess does not want to see his world suffer this fate, but thinks it can benefit more under his stable leadership. He asks Lord Terminus for help in deposing his father. This is declined for now but he does provides him with extra funds to help him remove the crew aboard the transport vessel “Gloria” in orbit around Scintilla.

06.16.815.M41 Location: The Tricorn, West Tower, Ordo Hereticus

After bringing their Prisoner “Seraph”, a former Acolyte of Radical Inquisitor Antonia Mesmeron, into the lower levels of the Tricorn, they relax and bring themselves up to date with recent events. The heretic “Seraph” has been taken captive by Inquisitor Septimus and his team on the war world Protasia, Drusus Marches, during an investigation into the cause of the recent uprising.

Routine messages await him. Another Inquisitor by the name of “Srax-Rhame” of the Ordo Hereticus asks for an audience, which is granted shortly.

Srax-Rhame asks Septimus for help with Logician cult in the Josian Reach. He thinks that the Logicians are on the move and plan something big. Septimuses connections with the Adeptus Mechanicus might prove essential. Inquisitor Septmius agrees to help and lead the investigation under his auspices.



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